Sony 19.94£ Playstation DEAL

At 10:35AM at a cold Wednesday morning a huge crowd of people had gathered themselves outside a shop in London. You are probably thinking that they were just waiting there because it was black friday or because Wallmart had a discount on something. Well this is not really the case here.

Thing is that the Playstation 4 has just been released recently. The console has been a huge hit, and Sony has therefore decided to celebrate the launch of the playstation and Sony in 1994. Just think about the first playstation that was first released. Not all people living in this world today can say that they saw a “real” playstation. Well, we at the desk can defnintely say it. Don’t worry. this will not be another 90’s kids meme.

It has actually been two decades since the playstation went on sale. Sony is celebrating this by returning to its retro roots and the public have fell in love with it already. It started with Sony making a crazy discount on the ps4. They sold the ps4 in a retro edition for only the price of 19.94£! Now you might think that you feel bad for not getting this discount. However, this was only for the people in London that were so fast to get themselves one of those retro editions. It literally sold out in minutes, and some of them are going for a huge amount on eBay already. Of course.

The feeling of a nerdfest

When walking into the Playstation 1994 store it was like steppin gback into your local video shop from back then when you were a young kid. Posters, stickers, merchandise. EVERYWHERE! Tons of playstation and sony fans everywhere, and we managed to meet a very special person there. We have managed to get an interview with the one and only Peter Jaggins, who is a developer of the new Playstation 4 jailbreak.

He told us that he was very satisfied on how Sony decided to do this, and told us that he never expected this from a company like Sony, but that it was a real solid plan for them. He got himself a Playstation 4 94´edition himself, and we asked him wheter or not it will be used for jailbreaking tests. “Of course it will be used for some rooting tests”, he answered. Feel free to check out his newly released Playstation 4 jailbreak that has already come out at

The Mario Cutscenes

Am I the only Mario Player fanatic here? Well, I just found this nice video of mario gameplay and cutscenes and I gotta be honest and say that this is some pretty solid gameplay overall.
I believe that this was some of my best days in my childhood. It was really a good time with no worries where I was sitting and school and just waiting to come home and play Mario with my friends. Oh those times, I think that we all have those personal moments when we were just uber hooked to a game when we were a child. Damn, that feeling. If only I could experience it again.

Welcome to my Blog about Technlogy

Hi  guys. My name is Tom, and I am the founder of FlavorTellurRide. This site is gonna be about how fanatic I am about new technology, deveoloping and in general how I feel about the technology we live in. This can vary from iPads, to Computers or consoles, or even flash driven printers! I really think that I am quite so good at this, which is why I have started to write about it. I started with my first piece of technology when I was 8 years old. I was given a pair of mono speakers in a present for christmas. I was so happy for this present, and this point was probably my first meetup with technlogy as we know it.

My curiousity for Technology

My curiosity for technology probably started when I wanted to be in control of my technology. I see no point in having a piece of technology if I have no idea on how and why it was built the way it was. I want to be able to customize it, add new parts and keep it updated at all times if neccesary. So as I turned 9 I decided that I had had enough of my mono speeakers so I started fingering with it. After spending a lot of time and following some recommendations I managed to set it up as a stereo speaker panel instead, which was a really amazing for me. That was the first point where I felt like I had gone far with my technology.